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Rancho Tapo Neighborhood

Welcome to the Rancho Tapo Community Neighborhood Group!

This group is to help bring our neighborhood together through useful information, neighborhood events, a place to ask for help, put up items for sale, and to keep you informed on the real estate market!

Let me know any suggestions, concerns or ideas that you may have to make this group more beneficial for the neighbors!

I will be sponsoring monthly events such as neighborhood garage sales, charity drives, holiday parties, golf tournaments, "cook-outs", movie nights and other such events!

I will also be spot-lighting various business and independent contractors!

I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Cory Boldroff- The Real Estate Guy. I am local expert Realtor, but also a neighbor as I live off of Rockgate! You may have seen me taking some of my kids ( I have 6 from 3yrs old-21 years old) to Ranch Tapo Community Park (aka Lemon Park) or possibly riding our bikes and/or crazy cars around the neighborhood. 


I want to find ways of bringing this great neighborhood together and plan to put on events throughout the year. One to show you that I truly appreciate your support in my business, but also to help unite us and give back. 

Events will range from Neighborhood garage sales, Dumpster Dives, "Cook-off", Charity Drives and other type of parties designed to help meet our neighbors. 


If you own a business, independent contractor or offer services and want to be part of our Neighborhood directory please fill out this form as I will also do monthly spot lights for our neighbors to our neighbors. 


I'm always here to help, never to pressure and look forward to meeting you all! 



I'm Cory Boldroff

Upcoming Events 

Dumpster Days!

June 18th-24th

On these days, 2 to 3 dumpsters will be put throughout the neighborhood for big items, garbage, etc.! No construction or remodeling items, limited one big item per household