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Have you been looking for your Dream Home but haven't found the house that has it all? Do you know your dream neighborhood, but no homes are available? Have you been wanting a completely custom home?

The Real Estate Guy & Associates are ready to make your dream a reality. You find a home within your favorite neighborhood, and we help you make it into the home of your dreams. When you find a home in your perfect neighborhood, our designers will work with you and go room by room to design the house you have dreamed of We then work the cost of the renovations into the costs approved in escrow just like new construction, and then after it is appraised, you already gain equity in your new home! 


     The Real Estate Guy. & Associates Seller Dream Home Program is a way to sell your home for the highest price by utilizing services such as staging, remodeling & updating, doing repairs, and more.

     You and your agent work together to decide which services and projects can increase your homes value the most and set an estimated budget and projections for the work. When you are ready to start, we will be by your side and help you obtain financing or finance the projects ourselves. We will help you negotiate the best price & find vendors or we can handle the entire project from Start to Closing of Escrow.

      Once the transformation is complete, we will execute our 7 phase marketing plan to ensure that we can sell your home in the quickest, most convenient timeline. You'll pay for the services either at close of escrow, or if you terminate your listing agreement. If you obtained financing then the terms are negotiated by you!



      Based on where and what you're looking for, we negotiate the purchase of the home from the owners. Once you choose the home, our designers will sit with you and design the house room by room, feature by feature. We will work within your budget and approved purchase price. We will then buy the home from the owner with cash and have a quick close. We handle all the plans, permits, construction costs, and all other fees accompanied with the project.

     We will get an appraisal on the home once completed and will sell to you under market value to allow you to walk in with equity. All projections will be done prior to the initial


     It's like buying a new construction home without the limits of being confined to the builder's floor-plans, materials, and what their designers feel appeal to the average buyer. We know you are not average.